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Registration for the Spring 2022 season is now open!

UPDATE February 5:

Girls U11, U13, and U15 programs are currently closed, however you may register for the wait list. We are temporarily waiving the late fee for U9 programs only. If you registered a U9 player and were charged a late fee, it will be refunded.

Girls play in the Founders League; boys play in the Mass Bay Youth Lacrosse League.

Littleton Youth Lacrosse registration fees remain unchanged from last season. 

Important for girls and first-time registrants: 
Girls are no longer required to have an active membership with US Lacrosse, however an insurance fee of $35 has been added to the girls' registration costs. Boys must have an active membership with Mass Bay Youth Lacrosse League (MBYLL) in order to register. 

cost breakdown:
Girls U11 - U15: $165 Littleton Youth Lacrosse registration fee + $35 Founders League insurance fee = $200 total  
Girls U9: $85 Littleton Youth Lacrosse registration fee + $35 Founders League insurance fee = $120 total  

Boys U11 - U15: $165 Littleton Youth Lacrosse registration fee + $40 MBYLL registration fee (paid directly to MBYLL) = $205 
Boys U9:
 $85 Littleton Youth Lacrosse registration fee + $40 MBYLL registration fee (paid directly to MBYLL) = $125

*There is an addtional $25 late fee for any registrations received after January 31, 2022.

Required Membership for boys: first go to: www.mbyll.org to register your player, and make note of the MBYLL registration number you will receive in your confirmation e-mail. Then return to this site to complete your registration. You will not be able to complete your registration without an MBYLL number.  If you have registered your player in the past, their MBYLL number should already be saved in their Littleton Lax record. Tip for first-time registrants: We’ve noticed several numbers that can be confused with your MBYLL number may appear during the process – be sure to use the number from the MBYLL e-mail. Additionally, please take care to enter your child’s information consistently across the Littleton Youth Lacrosse and the MBYLL sites; discrepancies in spelling and dates can prevent authentication and will need to be corrected before your registration can be completed). 

We are accepting U9 registrations for children in kindergarten; their teams will be comprised of players across K – 2nd grades. While we welcome their participation, we also want them to love the game and not feel overwhelmed by the level of play. We’ve found that while some kindergartners are ready, others would be better served waiting a year to begin competitive lacrosse. If you are having difficulty determining whether you should sign up your kindergartner, please be in touch and we’ll help you assess their readiness.

Boys must complete both MBYLL registration AND Littleton Youth Lacrosse registration processes. if you do not receive an e-mail confirmation of registration from Littleton Youth Lacrosse, your player is NOT officially registered.  While we do not want to penalize the kids, the presence of unregistered players in any official activities jeopardizes our insurance coverage and therefore the entire program. We cannot permit anyone to participate in games or practices until their registration is complete. We greatly appreciate your understanding and attention to this requirement.  

Registration through the Littleton Youth Lacrosse website requires full payment in order to be complete. If you need to pay by check, you cannot register through the website at this time. In this event, please contact MaryFran Mitrano, at   to make arrangements.

Littleton Youth Lacrosse believes in providing the opportunity to play to all who desire it, regardless of financial circumstances. Scholarships covering Littleton registration fees are available. Please contact Board President, J.R. Teto for information: jrteto1@gmail.com. 

Before beginning the registration process, please create an account for yourself, using your birthdate.  Please do not use your child’s birthdate for your account, as the system will not allow anyone under 18 to complete the registration process.  After you have created your account you will be able to add an account for each child during the registration process.

Please do not order uniforms until you have received an official number assignment from Littleton Youth Lacrosse (returning players can use their existing numbers). You can indicate that you need a number and list number preferences when you register. Uniform orders must be placed by February 27th in order to be received before the season begins. The link to the uniform store appears below. If you have any uniform questions, please contact Mark Parkinson at

Link to: Littleton Youth Lacrosse Uniform Store. 

We recommend that you complete your registration using a desktop or laptop computer, especially if this is your first time registering.  We’ve found that the registration software is more prone to error on mobile devices.

*If you have registered previously but are having trouble accessing your account, we highly recommend resetting your password instead of creating a new account. If you create a new account for yourself, you will need to create new accounts for your children as well. If you have registered in the past, but are signing up a child that has never played before, please add that child to your existing account (after you login and are on the “Register Family Member” page, click the “Add Participant” button to create an account for your new player. 

*If more than one parent wants to receive e-mail updates from your team, please add the other parent to your family in the system. When you login to your account and registration, you will come to the “Register Family Member” page, click the “Add Guardian” button to create an account for the other parent, or other person who needs to receive e-mails. You may also add non-guardians who need to receive e-mails as well, and grant them view only or editing rights for your accounts.

Please contact MaryFran Mitrano, Director of Registration at   with any questions.  We can’t wait to see you on the field!