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Editing Your Membership Information


The LYLA website contains lots of information for each our teams and the membership including practice and game schedules, team write ups, team and program events, results and much more. You'll want to make sure that your email address is correct and current so that you will receive these notifications in a timely fashion. In addition this capability allows you to change your email address, or add family and friends as you need to.


 In addition all of the team pages and rosters are password protected and show only the coaching and manager contacts. This secures your personal information, but allows you to view and communicate with other members of your team. You also have the ability to make your address public or private on the protected team pages. It is your choice, but we do ask that you keep a primary phone number listed. Directions on how to edit your information are below, and if you have questions please contact the LYLA Webmaster.


  • Go to the website as you normally do.
  • The menu page choice on the left side panel, bottom selection is
    • Edit My Account
    • Choose this selection
  • A “Sign In” screen appears
    • Enter  your email address
    • If you have your password from registration please enter it here
    • If you don’t remember your password enter your email address only
      • You will be told immediately if it is not in the system
    • An email will be sent to the email you entered with your password to log in
    • Log in using your email address and password
  • Once there you can do many things:
    • Verify your address and phone number  
    • Choose ‘Private’ for the entries and they won’t show on the website
      • Coaches and managers should choose “Roster” as the selection and it will appear on the “Roster” page
    • Once the mail login address and phone is completed and saved, you’ll see all members of your family and can click on each and make individual changes to each participant. (For those that have more than one entry.)
    • Other things you can do:
      • Most importantly, update your email addresses
        • Enter as many as you wish, separated by a comma
        • Include interested grandparents, friends, babysitters, etc.
      • Change your password to something memorable
      • Click a check box at the bottom to have a reminder email sent to you a day before each event if you desire