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Skill U9 U11 U13 U15  
Cradling         Teaching Points
2 Hand Cradle - Strong Hand x x x x A. Stick shaft perpindicular B. Control the ball  C. Should be Natural Easy movements, not jerky / violent. 
2 Hand Cradle - Weak Hand   Intro  x x D. Eliminate any uneccessary stick movement (showing off) E. Be able to get the stick to the box position to pass or shoot
1 Hand Cradel - Strong Hand x x x x quickly.
1 Hand Cradel - Weak Hand   Intro  x x  
Strong Hand x x x x A. Start with stationary passing drills, progress to drills on the move as soon as you can B. Utilize small ball games to create
Weak Hand   Intro  x x learning environments under pressure
Strong Hand x x x x A. Start with stationary passing drills, progress to drills on the move as soon as you can. B. Utilize small ball games to teach
Weak Hand   Intro  x x passing and catching under competitive cicumstances
Diagnonal on the move x x x x  
Over the shoulder Intro  x x x  
Strong Hand x x x x A. Emhpasize proper two handed technique, Stick low, head over the ball, scoop through. B. Run away from defender to open
Weak Hand   Intro  x x field. C. NO RAKING D. NO ONE HANDED SCOOPS. The team that wins most of the ground ball battles in lacrosse is almost 
          always the one that wins the game.
Roll Dodge x x x x A. Review Kudda videos for technique. B. Progress through the dodges starting with Roll, to Face etc. C. There is no time table
Face Dodge x x x x so don't feel this has to be done in week one. It is far more important to get one dodge down right. In a perfect world U15's should
Circle Dodge Intro  x x x be able to do this with their weak hands
Change of Directon Dodge Intro  x x x  
Split Dodge   Intro  x x  
Bull Dodge   Intro  x x  
Inside Roll Dodge     Intro  x  
Create Space - Dodge x x x x A. The key is creating space so that your hands are free to pass. Move, V Cut, get to open space to create time and space
Create Space - V Cut x x x x  
Create Space - Get ot open areas          
Overhand x x x x A. Start with stationary shooting galleries, progress to 'on the run'. B. Practice high shots, bounce shots. C. Add combination
Three Quarter  x x x x drills combining skills that would be used to create a shot i.e. Give and Go passing of a triangle formation, Dodge / Feed
Side Arm   Intro  x x  
Quick Stick   Intro  x x  
In Tight - Hi Lo Fake   Intro  x x  
Poke x x x x Checking under contol, on the hands or stick, NO wild swings, use both hands if at possible. Defense is played with the legs first
Lift x x x x proper position, and stick last
Slap / Chop   Intro x x  
Can Opener   Intro x x  
Playing without the ball          
Whistle Ready x x x x A. Whistle ready is running to your proper position on a dead ball situaition. The ref will blow the whistle as soon as the team
V Cuts - Creating Space x x x x that has possession gets it. This is for both defense and offense. B. What your players do off the ball will determine much of 
Cutting x x x x your success. It is is the difference between well coached teams and the other guys. C. Are players moving, cutting, V-Cuts, 
On Ball Picks Intro  x x x setting pics. The game is constant motion when played correctly. D. College coaches spend a lot of time studying players
Off Ball Picks   Intro  x x and what they do when the DON'T have the ball - Are you a part of the clear, making yourself avaible for a pass.
Transition Offense          
Draw and Dump x x x x A. Practice transition a lot, odd man rushes, and create a passing mentality. The objective is recognizing you have "numbers" 
Give and Go x x x x or more players then the defense first, Second is to find or create that 2 v 1 situation. Third, get the ball to the hole and get a
Fast Break "L"     Intro  x shot. Do NOT be too fancy when you get the ball to the hole, Do NOT over pass. The best goalies in the world only stop 55-60%
Fast Break "W"       x of the shots they face. In Youth Lax if your goalie stops 1 out of 2 he or she is doing well. Get the ball to the hole quickly
Transition Defense          
Get to the hole x x x x A. Transition Defense is a all about getting the hole, setting up a tight zone, giving up the "Longest" pass, and closing down the 
Zone Defense x x x x closest threats. In transition the players without the balls are more dangerous than the ball carrier. Bait the Offense, try to get
Slide and Support x x x x them to over pass and make a mistake and do your best to keep them out of the hole. Give up long shots is not a bad thing too
Settled Offense          
2 2 Box x x     GET ORGANIZED - Patience, get set up, pass the ball around then run your offense. Patience is the hardest thing to teach.
1 3 2 Triangles     x x Communicate!!!! 
Get organized - Patience x x x x  
Get the ball through X x x x x  
Pass / Dodge and Cutters x x      
Pass / Pass / Dodge and Cutters     x x  
Motion Offense - Part 1     x x  
Motion Offense - Part 2     Intro  x  
Motion Offense - Part 3       Intro   
Settled Defense          
Man to Man, don't chase x x x x A. Be whistle ready B. Communicate C. Be a defense first team, and start your season with defensive systems. This is the hard
Slough off ball x x x x part and the grind. Do not make the mistake of assuming your defense will just take care of itself while you are working on 
Adjacent Slide Intro  x x x your offense. It doesn't. Everyone plays defense, Everyone! It is the difference between a good team and a great team
Crease Slide     x x  
After Shot x x x x A. Players break immeadiately to open areas for outlet pass
Sideline x x x x A. Whistle ready! B. Younger levels get open, older levels run Modified 32. B. Clear up the sideline
Modified 32     x x A. Three defensmen low in a line. Two middies in the middle. On whistle one breaks to side line and the other to the ball.
Man to Man x x      
3 3 3 1     x x A. Attack plays Zone down low giving up the long pass B. Middies Man to Man C. Defense Man to Man on Attack
Man Down Defense          
Triangle Zone Intro  x     Work on this because you will have to play it in every game.
Box and One Zone     x x  
Extra Man Offense          
2 2 with cutters x x     Work on transition and settled first. When this starts to take shape work in your EMO.
1 3 2 Motion Offense     x x  
1 4 1       Intro