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LYLA Board Meeting Minutes
March 16, 2016
Board Meeting Minutes
March 16, 2016
LPD Meeting Room
  • Board: John Bergeron (President), Quinn Canfield (VP Boys Division), Tom Rogers (VP Girls Division), Sean Reardon (Equipment Manager), Scott Ellis (Web Master), Larry Frisoli (Director of Fundraising)
  • Members: Sean Dolan (Associate to the President), Jr Teto (Boys Coach)
1. Meeting called to order by John Bergeron at 8:05 PM.
2. Agenda presented by John Bergeron
  • Administrative- Note Taker, Posting minutes to website, Camps / Club Team Page
  • Finance Update and Annual Budgets – Dolan
  • PYLL League Update – Ellis
  • MBGLL League Update – Rogers
  • Girls U11 Coach – Rogers
  • Equipment /Uniforms – Reardon
  • Review Registration Process – Reardon
  • “Sharing” Players – Ellis
  • June Board Member elections - Bergeron
3. Administrative
a. Secretary for meeting minutes: Tom Rogers
b. Unanimous agreement to create a link on the littletonlax.org website for listing outside opportunities for lacrosse such as camps, events, discounts. Listings should be restricted to reputable programs and only a link without endorsement should be posted. – Action: Quinn Canfield
c. Registration and dates and others to be update in the "typical " annual Calendar and post. – Action: John Bergeron
d. meeting minutes are to be posted for previous board meetings – Action: Scott Ellis
4. Finance Update and Annual Budgets – Dolan
a. 2016 draft budget presented. Key finances shown below:
Registration fees: $24,500
Fundraising: $5,000
Total revenues: $25,416
b. LYLA has 2 accounts for its monies;
i. “Booster” account at Middlesex Savings ($7842.32)
ii. “Park and Rec” account at Bank of America (~$8,000)
c. The draft budget will be enhanced once the final figures for 2016 are available. An update will be presented at the April Board meeting. Action: Simon Dolan
d. Individual reimbursements will be handled by Simon using Booster funds to assure timely payment. He will then forward the invoice to Park and Rec for reimbursement to the Booster account.
5. PYLL League Update – Ellis
a. PYLL meeting summary presented:
i. Dracut and Malden received exemptions allowing B-teams only
ii. 7 teams entered for Littleton at $400 per team
iii. Patriot Cup Finals date set for Jun 11-12
iv. Next PYLL meeting on June 24. Details (time and location) to be emailed to Board and interested parties. Action: Scott Ellis
v. Mandatory coaches clinic this weekend (3/19)
6. MBGLL League Update – Rogers
a. Slide set presented (not attached for technical reasons)
b. Registration count for Girls is 74. Girls represent 40% of the total registrants (189)
c. Good growth at the important U9 and U11 age levels. There were just 22 girls in this age bracket in 2013 vs 38 in 2016 (70% increase).
d. 5 head coaches nominated for the 5 teams. Two former LYLA players now in High School will assist at the U9 and U13 levels. A third former player in college will assist at the U11 level.
e. Girls’ season starts next Monday (3/21) with time for each team in the Littleton Middle School gym pending field opening.
f. Girls will be practicing on Alumni Field as in prior years. Teams will split the field with the two U11 teams practicing together as a single unit. The U11 teams will combine at U13 with the larger field/player format
g. Draft game schedule presented. U13 play in the High-Intermediate level. All other teams play in the Intermediate level.
7. Girls U11 Coach – Rogers
a. Derek Podgorni unanimously approved by Board members to be a Head Coach at the U11 level.
8. Equipment /Uniforms – Reardon
a. Sean Reardon presented some of the challenges with the new uniform process.
i. Many late registrations after ordering web site was closed
ii. Unclear connection to registration system with some orders
iii. Some orders requested multiple discounted uniforms for the same player
iv. Difficult reconciliation of registration payment status for the LYLA discount because of check payments directly to Park and Rec. Action: Board to revisit registration payment process and web site for 2017
b. Uniforms will be ready for shipment to Hit-the-Net Sports on March 31st.
​c. Some parents will need to make payment to “Littleton Lacrosse Youth Association (LYLA)” by check prior to release of their new uniform.
d. Boys’ first game is April 3rd. Board unanimously approved expedited shipment. Action: Sean Reardon to make updated shipping arrangements with vendor.
9. Review Registration Process – Reardon
a. Board unanimously approved a new policy requiring payment at time of web registration (credit card only). Exception process for limited cases, such as scholarships to be determined. Action: Board to document new process and post to web site
10. “Sharing” Players – Ellis
a. Scott Ellis and others voiced concern over players freely moving between town programs within PYLL. This can lead to difficulties when estimating team numbers should another program appear more “popular”. Other programs, such as MBBLL require a waiver. Suggestion made to bring this concern to PYLL’s attention at the next meeting on 3/24.
b. Board decided to discuss how this process would be implemented before engaging other PYLL members. Topic will not be brought up by Littleton at the 3/24 PYLL meeting.
11. June Board Member elections – Bergeron
a. John Bergeron announced his intention to step down as President after the June elections
b. Quinn Canfied announced his intention to step down as President after the June elections
c. These two vacancies combined with the open seats for Director of Finance and Director of Registration brings the total number of positions to be filled at 5. As per Article V Section 7 of the LYLA Bylaws, “Nominations of directors shall be drawn up by the Board of Directors, the membership, or a nominating committee of their choice in the May monthly meeting. “ Action: Board to notify current LYLA member of vacancies and prepare a list of candidates at the May Board meeting.
12. Meeting adjourned by John Bergeron at 9:30 PM.