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Minutes for LYLA October Board meeting

Meeting Date: October 22, 2015


  1. Meeting called to order by John Bergeron, President of LYLA at 8:10 PM.  Board members for all filled positions in attendance:

    • John Bergeron, President

    • Quinn Canfield, VP Boys Division (remote)

    • Tom Rogers, VP Girls Division

    • Sean Reardon, Equipment Manager

    • Larry Frisoli, Director of Fund Raising

    • Scott Ellis, Program Representative and Web Master

There was one additional program member present during the meeting.


  1. Agenda for meeting presented by John Bergeron

  • Vote on amended by-laws of  LYLA per Article XI.    

  • Approve LYLA Parent Survey

  • Approve Calendar of Events

  • Web Site Security

  • 2016 Registration Planning

  • 2016 Uniform Purchases


  1. Vote on amended by-laws of  LYLA per Article XI

    • Resolved: The Board members and one program member voted unanimously to accept the proposed changes to the LYLA ByLaws. (Posted to littletonlax.org under "About LYLA")


  1. Survey Discussion

    • Resolved:  The Board voted to accept the proposed Members Survey.  

    • Follow-up: Web Master Scott Ellis will investigate using the survey function within the LYLA web site.  If viable, Scott is instructed to send the survey out to all members of LYLA as soon as practical.


  1. Calendar of Events

    • Resolved:  The Board voted to accept the proposed Calendar of Events.  


  1. Web Site Access

    • Follow-up:  The Board President instructed the Web Master to do implement additional security checks on the site to include removing admin access to anyone not currently on the Board of Directors and to change the admin password.  Note, there is no evidence of misuse.  


  1. 2016 Registration Planning

    • Resolved: The Board voted to open registration on or about November 16th, 2015.  A period of “open registration” will end on or about January 15th, 2016.

    • Resolved: The Board voted to adopt an open registration policy where any member registering during open registration will be assigned to a team (no cap).  Registrations after the open registration period will be allowed on a space available basis.

    • Resolved: The Board voted to institute a 2-tier pricing structure to entice members to register early.  Registrations during open registration will be discounted (“Early Bird Discount”).  Registrations made after open registration will be priced $25 higher than the discounted price.

    • Resolved: The Board voted to set “Early Bird” registration fees to last year’s price of $145 per registration for levels U11-U15.  Level U9 is reduced to $75 per registration.  This discount is provided to attract our youngest players to our league.  Registration fees do not include a required membership in US Lacrosse ($25).

    • Resolved: The Board voted to allow only credit or debit payments to register via the web site.  This is to avoid past non-payment issues.  Parents wishing to use other payment methods will be instructed to contact the Director or Registration or his/her proxy to register.


  1. 2016 Uniform Purchases

Follow-up: The Board directed the Equipment Manager Sean Reardon to price purchases directly by members through an authorized discount web vendor.  Purchase options and pricing (including shipping charges) to be presented to Board at next meeting.


  1. President John Bergeron adjourned the October Board Meeting at 9:25 PM.