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minutes for LYLA August Board meeting

date: August 26, 2015


  1. Meeting called to order by John Bergeron, President of LYLA at 8:10 PM.  Board members for all filled positions in attendance:

    • John Bergeron, President

    • Quinn Canfield, VP Boys Division

    • Tom Rogers, VP Girls Division

    • Simon Dolan, Director of Finance

    • Sean Reardon, Equipment Manager

    • Larry Frisoli, Director of Fund Raising

    • Scott Ellis, Program Representative

  2. Agenda for meeting presented by John Bergeron (see attached document)

  3. Introductions

  4. Roles and responsibilities of each member

  5. Resignations

  6. Finance update

  7. Equipment - need to collect the existing bags, Inventory etc.

  8. Survey discussion

  9. Calendar of events

  10. Roles and Responsibilities

    • Proposal made by John Bergeron to amend LYLA Bylaws at future meeting to better align roles and responsibilities to Board positions

      1. Eliminate Director of Marketing and Communications position.  Responsibility for “coordinating all activities related to promoting the program” to be transferred to the Director of Fund Raising

      2. Eliminate Program Scheduler position.  All stated responsibilities to be transferred to the VP Boys Division and VP Girls Division

      3. Modify Web Master position to a voting member of the LYLA Board

      4. Eliminate Program Representative position.  All stated responsibilities to be transferred to the VP Boys Division and VP Girls Division and President.

      5. Update Section 6 in LYLA Bylaws to reflect 8 voting Board members.

        1. President

        2. Vice President, Boys Division

        3. Vice President, Girls Division

        4. Director of Finance

        5. Director of Registration

        6. Director of Fund Raising

        7. Equipment Manager

        8. Web Master

  • Follow-up: Proposed changes to the LYLA Bylaws shall be posted on the LYLA website for review by LYLA members.  Voting by LYLA members to amend shall be scheduled for a future meeting according to “Article XI. Approval of Bylaws and Amendments”.
  • Follow-up: Recruitment of a Director of Registration and Director of Finance to fill open positions.
  1. Resignations

    • Resolved: The Board voted to accept the resignation of Simon Dolan as Director of Finance.  

    • Resolved: John Bergeron appointed Simon Dolan as an Associate Program Director as per the authority granted the President according to the LYLA Bylaws

  2. Finance update

    • Simon Dolan presented balance of “Booster Account” of $8,350.34.

  3. Equipment

    • Proposal made by John Bergeron to inventory all LYLA equipment.  

    • Follow-up: Tom Rogers to provide inventory of 4 Girls Equipment bags

    • Follow-up: Sean Reardon to provide inventory of Boys Equipment bags as well as contents of 2 LYLA storage facilities.  

  4. Survey Discussion

    • Proposal made by John Bergeron to email a survey to all LYLA members to solicit feedback on areas the program is doing well and suggestions for  improvement

    • Follow-up: Board members to review John’s sample survey questions and submit any additional questions deemed appropriate.

  5. Calendar of Events

    • Proposal made by John Bergeron to create a calendar for the upcoming season to include important milestones such as registration period, equipment order placement, season opening, etc

    • Resolved: Board agreed to meet every third Wednesday of each month from 8:00 PM until 9:00 PM.

  6. John Bergeron adjourned the August Board Meeting at 9:03 PM