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Alumni Field (Football)
Address: 55 Russell St Map
City: Littleton, MA Map

General Information:

Alumni Field is where Boys Littleton Youth Lacrosse Teams play including games. All U15 and U13 Games are on this field and some U11 games. 

It is also the football field and is located between the Middle and Russell St Schools. The road that leads to the field is next to the Middle School, and bends around to the left. The field is fenced in and you can't miss the stadium seating.

Parking is limited next to the field, and primary parking is the Middle School Field. It is a very short walk to the field from there.


From 495 North or South


  • Take Exit 30 for Mass Route 2A E / 110 E Towards Littleton Center
  • Russell Street is your first left approximately 1/4 of mile from highway
  • Middle School Field is less than a quarter of mile on your right
  • Follow General information above

From Littleton Center / Great Road - Rte 2A

  • Take Route 2A West / 110 W towards Ayer
  • In Approximately 1 Mile take a right onto Russell St.
  • Follow General information above
Littleton High School
Address: 55 King St Map
City: Littleton, MA Map
Littleton Youth Lacrosse - The Field is used by the Girls Teams only including all games

General Information -
Ø      Look for a blinking yellow caution light and small blue sign with yellow letters - "Littleton High School Enterance"
Ø      From entrance and follow the main road around to the right to the rear of the school
Ø      At the rear of the school is the main entrance and parking lot
Ø      LHS Lacrosse field is adjacent to this parking lot in the right corner of the fields
From 495 North and South
Ø      Take Exit 30 for Rte 2A & 110 towards Littleton Ayer
Ø      Take a left onto King St / Rte 2A & 110
Ø      LHS is 0.9 Miles on the left just past the Shell Station
Ø      Follow Directions above from the main entrance
From LittletonCenter Rte 2A / Rte 119 from the Groton Area
Ø      Take a right on Rte 110 / 2A towards Ayer
Ø      High School is 2 Miles on the right just past St. Anne's Church
Ø      Follow Directions above from the main entrance